Cobalt Beryllium Copper Alloy Uns C17500 Plate


Cobalt Beryllium Copper Alloy Uns C17500 Plate

Cobalt Beryllium Copper Alloy Uns C17500 Plate

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Basic Info
Model NO. C17500
Industrial Seam Welding Dies, Resistance Welding Equipments
Fasteners Washers,Fastners,
Fabrication Resistant Welding
Transport Package Crates, Wooden Cases
Specification ASTM, GB
Trademark Suhua, OEM, ODM
Origin Jingjiang, Jiangsu, China
HS Code 7407100000
Production Capacity 10tons/Month
Product Description
Nickel Beryllium Copper
Chemical composition(%)CoNiBeCu

Material Characteritics
High thermal and electrical conductivity
Good strength and hardness
High tensile strenght
Very high hardness

Typical applications
Electrodes for spot welding, especially for stainless steel
Electrodes for projection welding
Butt welding jaws
Contact tips for submerged-arc-welding
Plunger tips for horizontal die casting machines
Moulds for NF-metal castings
Welding equipments
Current carry shafts
Plastic injection mold tooling
Current carry bushings
Fabrication properties
Soldering Good
Oxyacetylene weldingNot recommended
Gas shielded Arc weldingFair
Coated metal Arc weldingFair
Spot weldGood
Seam weldFair
Butt weldFair
Capacity for being cold workedExcellent
Capactiy for being hot formedGood
Machinability rating 40

Common fabrication processes
Introduction to Nickel Berrylium Copper
Cobalt Beryllium Copper is primarily used in the industry applications that require most highly thermal or electrical conductivity, which features a cobalt alloying addition (2.40-2.70%). C17500 also Offers good strength and hardness characteristics plus conductivity in the range of 45-60 percent of copper with ultimate tensile and hardness properties approaching 140 ksi and RB 100 respectively.

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