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Jun 30, 2023

61 Dope Things Under $30 on Amazon That You Never Knew Existed

Your new favorite hidden treasures await. Variety is the spice of life, as they

Your new favorite hidden treasures await.

Variety is the spice of life, as they say, so it's only natural to want to add fun, weird, useful, and exciting new items to your space to shake things up every now and then. But what if the perfect thing to reinvigorate a room or make housework easier is out there, and you just haven't found it? That's where this list, full of dope things you never knew existed, comes in.

And better yet, everything below is super affordable, with all the products here priced at around $30 or less. So go ahead and stock up on everything you didn't know you’ve always needed.

This strand of LED lights is an affordable way to improve your TV-watching by enhancing contrast and even easing eye strain. It features 13 feet of bulbs that adhere to the back of your screen with 3M tape. The plug connects directly to your USB so you can get a streamlined, cordless look.

Set yourself up for culinary success using the right tools, and that includes this digital meat thermometer. Simply spear food or drink with the stainless steel probe and you’ll get a reading on the clear LED screen in just three seconds. And not only does it have a magnet to stay fixed to your grill or refrigerator, it's also waterproof too.

For those looking to level up their grilling, this meat hook is a simple yet practical addition to your kitchen tool stockpile. It's made with a generous 17-inch long handle to keep your hands safe from heat and a stainless steel hook to catch the fat of the meat and turn it, so you won't lose any juices. It also comes with a smaller 12-inch hook, too.

For an easier pasta-cooking experience, try this pot strainer that snaps directly onto the rim of your pot. Because it's made from flexible silicone, it can compress or expand to fit a variety of pot sizes. Its compact design makes it easier to store than bulkier versions and when you’re ready to strain you simply tip the pot over the faucet.

Forget scrubbing down burnt baking sheets, because these silicone baking mats are nonstick and so easy to clean. They come in a set of two half sheets, which measure 16.5-by-11.6 inches. And not only do they protect your baking sheets, but they also come with pre-measured spacing guides to maximize your cookie consumption.

For the confidence to use your sharpest kitchen implements with ease, try these cut-resistant gloves. Thanks to the fiberglass in the woven fabric, they are four times stronger than leather and can shield you from cuts whether you’re using a mandolin or a butcher knife. Better yet, they’re even machine washable so you can reuse them again and again.

By mimicking the shape of an outlet cover, this plug extender and surge protector lets you power four times the devices as a traditional outlet. Featuring six AC outlets and two USB ports, this extender is also well reviewed. Over 59,000 users weighed in to give it an impressive 4.7-star rating.

Snag this grill press from trusted kitchen brand Cuisinart for expertly grilled burgers and more. Made of durable cast iron, this press features a wood handle so it's easy to maneuver. The bottom of the press features raised ridges, ensuring you’ll get perfect grill marks on both sides of your items.

Whether you’re in your backyard or at the beach you can keep drinks colder for longer with this can cooler. Fitting 12-ounce skinny cans, this cooler is double-wall insulated and even doubles as a tumbler if you’d like to use it without a can. Just screw off the top, place your can in, replace the top, and you’re good to go.

Forget shredding with a pair of forks, because these shredder claws make breaking down meat so much easier... and more fun. Channel your inner Wolverine as you grip these nonslip claws made from heavy-duty plastic. Not only do they shred, but they’re great for spearing hot items and carrying them too.

Add a pop of color to your food prep with this kitchen knife set. Featuring five knives with a nonstick coating, including a bread knife, paring knife, and chef knife, this set also comes with a durable cutting board. To help ensure your steel stays in tip-top shape, there's even a knife sharpener, too.

Cut down on food spoilage and keep your dry goods at the ready with this set of three cereal containers. They have airtight lids with pouring spouts that lock to help keep food fresh, and each container has a generous 3.6-quart capacity. They even come with chalkboard labels and a pen to help you reach your Pinterest-level organizational dreams.

Whether you work from home or just want an ideal display for streaming, this laptop stand has you covered. It's made from metal mesh with a raised base to increase ventilation, while the rubber feet ensure your device won't slide around. Just adjust the arm to one of five different heights for a customized experience.

If you’re tired of losing nails and screws mid-project, this magnetic wristband can help keep your tools right where you need them. Made from nylon, it features an adjustable adhesive closure to fit multiple wrist sizes. Sewn into the nylon are several magnets which attract and store metal objects, ensuring they’re at the ready.

If you’re forever losing the tops to your Tupperware or if your cabinets are a mismatched mess of plastic, get sorted with this food container lid organizer. It has five movable dividers to create a pattern of up to six storage slots, and then two more on the side, perfect for leaning lids against. It even has a handle for easy maneuvering.

If you’re hungry and hate waiting, this sandwich maker has your name all over it. Featuring titanium and ceramic non-stick plates, this press can thoroughly heat a sandwich in minutes with any oil coating. And thanks to the ridges in the plate, it helpfully creates perfect indentations for cutting your sandwich in half.

No home bar is complete with proper drinkware, and this pair of Moscow mule mugs makes an excellent addition. Designed from high-shine copper, these mugs feature a classic hammered finish and modern angular handles. The pair comes complete with two copper straws, a copper jigger, and a straw cleaner, making it even more impressive for the price.

If you’re looking to amp up your at-home mixology skills without spending a ton, this cocktail shaker set is a great place to start. It's made from stainless steel and comes with seven pieces, including a 26-ounce shaker with a strainer, a double-sided jigger, a bottle opener, and more. It's all dishwasher safe, too.

You don't need to sacrifice a good night's sleep just because you’re away from home, and this camping pillow proves it. Made from cushy yet supportive memory foam, it measures 4 inches thick but still easily folds up to sit into the included waterproof carrying bag. The microfiber comes off for easy laundering too.

If you hate scrubbing the crevices and cracks in fridge shelves, just get this set of nine refrigerator mats instead. They grip your shelf and keep messes on their easy-to-clean surface rather than your appliances. Since they’re lined with a textured finish, they also help prevent items from rolling around, too.

If you take avocados very seriously (and why wouldn't you?) you need this avocado masher from cult-favorite kitchen brand OXO. Like all OXO products, it features the classic easy-to-grip handle plus four blades for expertly breaking down avocado. In a clever twist, one of the blades is actually made from silicone, so you can swipe it from the side of a bowl with ease.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to dock an electric toothbrush, place a charging phone, or display a compact speaker, this outlet shelf is the perfect spot. The shelf comes with all the hardware you need to mount it over your existing outlet. It even includes hooks at the bottom for winding charging cords and more.

If you love baking muffins and cupcakes but prefer not to use single-use paper products, these silicone baking cups are for you. They come in a set of 12 and also help deliver a clean release of food since they’re naturally nonstick. They’re also adored by users, over 66,000 of whom have weighed in to give them a near-perfect 4.8-star rating.

The uses for these mixing bowls, like baking, cooking, serving, and storing, are practically endless. These stainless steel bowls come in a set of five graduated sizes ranging from 3/4 to 5 quarts, making them perfect for nesting and easy storage. They’re easy to handle, too, thanks to the pronounced rim on the top.

If you’re hoping to increase your water intake but could use some motivation, this 1-gallon water bottle is here to the rescue. Not only does it allow you to take a ton of water on the go thanks to its generous size and sturdy handle, but it also has convenient time markings down the side to help you keep a steady pace of hydration throughout the day. It comes with two lids: one with a straw, and one without.

To level up your kitchen tool collection with minimal investment, try these affordable pastry brushes. The set comes with one large and one small brush with soft silicone bristles, perfect for glazing fragile pastries but tough enough for heavier-duty basting. They’re heat-resistant and dishwasher safe, too, making them a practical addition to your kitchen.

For vino drinkers, reliable tools are a must, and this wine opener is an excellent choice. Featuring a classic, easy-to-grip wooden handle and double-hinged fulcrum, the stainless steel corkscrew opens bottles with ease. It also features a bottle opener and a fold-out serrated knife to cut through foil.

Whether it be for picnics or barbecues, these unbreakable wine glasses are an ideal addition when fragile glass just won't do. Made from shatter-proof stainless steel, they feature a classic stemless silhouette with a thin rim. And not only are they resistant to dents, but they’re also safe to put in the dishwasher.

Ensure you have all the power you need for your gadgets with this portable charger. Featuring 10,000mAh of power, this charger is also quite slim, measuring 0.5 inches thick. It's also lightweight, clocking in at just 7 ounces. Its ports ensure it's compatible to charge iPhones, iPads, AirPods, Samsung phones, and more.

For extra storage that won't take up much space, try this packable backpack. Not only is it super lightweight and water-resistant thanks to the nylon construction, it folds down into a portable satchel size with a zipped pocket. The mesh straps ensure it's breathable on your back and its generous 25-liter capacity ensures you can fit all the essentials.

For dedicated foodies or aspiring chefs, this pasta maker machine is the key to serving up fresh spaghetti and more. Made from alloy steel and weighing just 6 pounds, these pasta maker has seven settings for thickness level, so you can whip up fettuccine or thin pasta in no time. It even comes with a removable table clamp to keep it steady as you cut your delicious dough into perfect noodles.

Curtail your coffee shop spending with this cold brew coffee maker that helps you secure the goods right at home. With handy markings indicating 1- to 4-cup measurements, this pitcher brews coffee overnight in the fridge thanks to the internal mesh filter. Just fill the filter with grounds, fill it with water, and you’re good to go.

If you like your soups with a side of urban legends, this ladle spoon, adorably shaped like the Loch Ness monster, is for you. Made from BPA-free plastic, Nessie's head peeps over the side of pots for a charming effect, but thanks to the legs, it also won't tip over or roll off the counter, either. And yep, it's dishwasher safe, too.

For anyone who spends a solid amount of time at their computer (and let's face it, many of us do), this set of wrist pads is the key to proper wrist alignment and comfort. The pair includes one oblong support to sit flush with your keyboard, and one mousepad with a connected support. The bottom of both pieces is treated with an anti-slip coating, and the pads are filled with cushy yet supportive memory foam.

Whether you want them indoors in a game room or outdoors by the pool, these waterproof LED lights are a versatile addition to your home. It's controlled by a convenient remote that allows you to dim them, set them to flash, and choose among 44 colors. Since they come pre-treated with adhesive, they’re super easy to install, too.

If you’re a fan of grilling, music, and novelty kitchenware, you’re bound to get a kick out of these electric guitar barbecue tools. The set comes with both a spatula and a pair of tongs, each with ends shaped like guitars. Since they’re made from durable stainless steel and feature easy-to-grip wood handles they’re both fun to look at and easy to use and care for.

Lovers of avocado are sure to appreciate this guacamole serving dish with a clever message across the rim. Made from ceramic with a textured exterior and sitting atop cute nubby legs, this bowl even comes with a bonus silver-plated spoon, which, yes, also includes a cheeky avocado-adjacent saying. Go ahead and get your guac on.

Take your lunch to go with this vacuum-insulated thermos that keeps warm meals hot for 5 hours and cold items chilled for 10 hours. Made from stainless steel that won't sweat, the compact size means it fits easily in bags. And since it's sealed with a leak-proof lid, you can be sure you won't face any unexpected spills.

For aspiring chefs who want to take their home cooking to the next level, this steamer basket is an affordable option. Made from bamboo, the basket features two stackable levels so you can steam up double the dumplings. The set also comes with 50 wax paper liners and even two pairs of chopsticks.

If you like cooking but hate cleaning, this splatter screen is sure to come in handy. Made with a fine mesh stainless steel screen, it sits directly on top of pots and pans to keep splashes from hitting the walls and appliances without affecting the cooking time or temperature. And yes, it's dishwasher safe.

If you love hiking and camping, you’ll want these collapsible hiking poles that compress from 54 inches down to 26 inches for easy packing. They’re made from sturdy aluminum and come with multiple accessories for varying climates, like tips for both snow and mud. The whole set can be packed up in the included travel sack, too.

Your morning routine just got a lot more enjoyable thanks to this coffee canister designed to keep your grounds or beans as fresh as possible. The airtight lid keeps air out but there's also a release valve at the top to ensure that CO2 can be released. The lid also has a date function so you can keep track of when it's time to replace the goods.

No need to plug in the food processor, because this manual food chopper is here to get the job done without cumbersome cords. Made with a stainless steel blade and a durable plastic cover, this chopper works by pulling and releasing its nylon cord to activate the blade. With its 2-cup capacity, it's perfect for both small and medium cooking projects.

For those nights when you don't finish the whole bottle, you’ll want this adorable beanie cap wine stopper. Made from silicone, it offers a leak-proof seal to keep your wine fresh, and can even help maintain the carbonation in sparkling drinks like champagne. It's safe to store in the fridge and clean in the dishwasher, too.

Whether you’re shaving, cleansing your face, or grooming, this fogless shower mirror will stay clear so that you can get the job done. It secures to the wall with suction cups, making it easy to move around, and it couldn't be simpler to use. You just wet the surface of the mirror with your shower water to warm it up and it's ready to go.

Make the switch to this BPA-free electric kettle and you can enjoy a cup of tea in just minutes. It has a 1.7-liter capacity for larger portions, but you can boil just a cup at a time too. It also comes with helpful safety features, like an auto-off setting once water boils.

If you’re looking to flesh out your kitchen tool collection in one fell swoop, this utensil set covers all the basics and then some. All the tools are made from durable stainless steel, and the 10-piece set includes a spatula, tongs, a slotted spoon, and more. They all come conveniently stored in a canister with a smudge-free coating.

In terms of comfort and coziness, few things beat a great throw, and this waffle blanket checks all the boxes. Made from breathable yet soft fleece, it features a textured finish that adds a touch of visual interest. You’ll be able to snag one that matches any space, since it's available in several dimensions and lots of bold colors.

An old adage of hosting a meal goes, "No labels on the table," and pouring your orange juice into this glass pitcher is an easy way to elevate your dining. Featuring a lid that twists and locks into place for a tight seal, this pitcher also has an easy-to-grip handle and a spout for splash-free pouring. It can store a whopping 68 ounces at once, too.

If you love to travel but loading up a suitcase makes you shudder, you’re going to want to add these packing cubes to your cart ASAP. The concept is simple: sort like items together and roll them up tight into these compressive cubes, thereby saving space and being able to find things quickly without digging through your whole bag. The set of five varying cubes also includes a bonus laundry bag, too.

Bookworms are sure to appreciate this pair of book lights that clip directly onto your book (or e-reader, for those that prefer to opt out of backlit screens). Not only are they fully rechargeable, they can also run for 30 hours before they need another juice up. The flexible, gooseneck lamp can be bent into your desired position.

If you’re paring down your everyday carries, this money clip wallet is a great way to streamline things. Made from a stylish faux leather, this wallet has five slots for credit cards and a stainless steel money clip to keep your bills firmly in place. It even comes equipped with an RFID-blocking lining to keep your credit card data safe.

No kitchen is complete without reliable tools, and these kitchen knives are both very sharp and very sharp-looking, thanks to their attractive stainless steel finish. The set comes with three pieces: a paring knife, a utility knife, and a chef's knife. Thanks to the ergonomic handle, they’re also incredibly easy to use.

If you want to keep your caffeine collection tidy and easily accessible, this tea bag storage set is for you. Featuring nine removable trays and two bottom drawers, this organizer is the perfect thing for stashing condiments, sweeteners, and more. And because it measures just over a foot high, it's the perfect size for even smaller countertops.

If you’re short on cabinet space in your bathroom, you might as well display your essentials in these chic glass jars that double as decor. They come with a matching bamboo lid that snaps into place and their minimal design ensures they’ll blend well in a variety of spaces.

Snag this dishwasher-safe cutting board that not only protects your surfaces, it actually makes food prep easier. Thanks to its unique three-panel folding design, the sides raise up to create a funnel effect, ensuring you can gently coax your chopped items into a pot or pan.

Even if you’ve made the switch from plastic grocery bags to canvas totes there's always more you can do to be eco-friendly, and these reusable produce bags are another great option. Made from breathable, transparent mesh, they won't interfere with scanning barcodes at checkout. Plus, they’re great for storing loose produce at home, too.

If a hot cup of tea doesn't make you smile on its own, the addition of a friendly koala infuser grinning back at you is sure to win you over. Made from BPA-free, heat-resistant silicone, this koala opens at the midsection to store your preferred blend of loose leaf tea. Simply seal it up and hook his arms over the side of your glass or mug to enjoy.

If you love wine, you’ll want to display it in style, and this freestanding wine holder will do the trick. With its geometric, hexagonal shapes that are almost reminiscent of honeycomb, this holder can store up to six bottles at once. And since the metal frame is treated with epoxy, it won't rust or corrode, either.

If you love going the extra mile to get cozy during air travel, this travel blanket deserves a spot on your wish list. Made from soft and fluffy polyester, this blanket zips up into a sealed position which you can use as a pillow. The exterior, when zipped, also features a flap to help it slide it over the handle of a rolling suitcase for easy transport.

If you like cats, it’ll be impossible to resist these adorable quilted oven mitts in the shape of cat paws, complete with little toe beans. Made from heat-resistant material that can withstand temperatures up to 480 degrees, these mitts will keep your hands protected as well as provide an excellent conversation starter. Store them using the hook on the side when not in use.

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